The Company

Adufértil operates in the chemical fertilizers area and is on the market for over 30 years. Installed in the Industrial District of Jundiaí, the company has a modern administrative office and an industrial fully automated. Aiming to better serve customers, Adufértil has more than 100 employees, has its own fleet of trucks, as well as being affiliated with the major industry bodies such as AMA, Anda and SIACESP.

Mission: To provide, with transparency and integrity, excellence in agribusiness, through personalized service and quality of our fertilizers, ensuring our customers high performance and productivity in the harvest.

Vision: “The vision of Adufértil express our dream.”
Be an active company with national recognition that meets the needs of all customers in the market in which we operate, contributing to the growth of agribusiness in Brazil.

Values: In order to benefit our customers, employees and suppliers, we always work with transparency and commitment, developing quality products and always respecting the environment and the communities where we operate.

30 years of history is a sign of maturity

Thirty years of history is proof of the commitment to the fertilizer market. The past three decades, Adufértil specializes in the production and marketing of products with a focus on quality to contribute to the excellence of Brazilian agribusiness.

With pride, family Adufértil left behind the difficulties of implementing a new venture in 1980, and took on the challenge of learning business which today gives the company the title of a major brand in the segment of fertilizers.

Good memories record the progress achieved, as the first expansion in 1986. Besides fertilizer market, the company also started manufacturing products under its own brand. With a completely manual process, the work was done with the help of only four employees.

Twenty two years after the inauguration, the headquarters moved to Jundiaí / SP. The location more appropriate to the objective of the company contributed to the flow of production, facilitated access to major highways of the country and the performance of contracts with large agribusiness.

Currently, Adufértil shows maturity in the fertilizer. With the dedication of more than one hundred employees, the company is focused on quality products and customer services.

Today, the company's goal is to expand the storage capacity which strengthens the concept that already has: quality, timeliness and efficiency in the delivery.

Proven Quality

In order to ensure the high standard of nutrients and physical properties of fertilizer, Adufértil has its main suppliers certified by ISO, in addition to a careful quality control in the receipt of raw materials and shipment of products.

With the use of modern digital equipment, the risk of imbalance in the mixtures is reduced while maintaining the quality of the items sold.

Modern structure and differentiated

Adufértil has a modern infrastructure, consisting on balance road and exhaust system fully automated to expedite the unloading of the raw material. Modern warehouses with internal divisions (boxes) store different items separately, which prevents contamination. In the four plants of mixed fertilizers, products are shipped in valve bags and big bags.

That logistics is necessary for the Adufértil meets capacity. Currently, the company invests in expansion to increase the space available for storage.