Environmental Responsability

Adufértil is part of that commitment to the development of projects and programs aimed at improving social and environmental performance through educational training, conservation of biodiversity and processes in order to not harm to the environment.

Concern for the environment

Adufértil was a pioneer in the sector of chemical fertilizers to receive certification CARBON FREE. The term is used to identify activities or companies that have their emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) offset.

In order to perform an action and assign a differentiated institutional important environmental reference in its path of success in the market, the company sought an action that represented the brand principles Adufértil in terms of sustainability and the environment.

To receive certification CARBON FREE the company needed to carry out the inventory of GHG emissions relative to their production processes and opted for compensation by planting trees in the Amazon region.

With that, besides having become CARBON FREE, the company is linked to environmental projects in reforestation largest forest on the planet, and their customers and suppliers, in turn, end up, directly and indirectly participating in this action through the principles of performance production chain applied by the international body Carbon Disclosure Project, also known as CDP Supply Chain.

This activity developed by the company is a voluntary initiative and demonstrates its concern to promote actions related to a low carbon economy.


The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit, and holds the largest database on global reporting of emissions of greenhouse gases, governance and climate strategies and managing the use of water companies, governments and investors.

The project was launched in the year 2000 in order to collect and publish quality information regarding climate governance and the quantification of emissions of greenhouse gases. Companies can become members through invitation or by registration on the platform.

The emissions inventory

According to the Kyoto Protocol, there are six gases that enhance the greenhouse effect and must have their emissions. They are: carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4), hydro fluorocarbon (HFC), perfluorcarboneto (PFC) and hexofluor sufuroso (SF6)

Adufértil performing the inventory to detect and measure the greenhouse gas emissions directly and indirectly by assessing the effects of emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) to seek alternatives for mitigation and also to know the volume of GHG to be compensated.

The neutralization of emissions

The neutralization of CO2 boils down to calculate the number of tree seedlings to be planted or the size of the area to be reforested, whose fixed carbon is equivalent to the amount of CO2 emitted in a given period. This calculation takes into consideration the growing conditions, soil type, tree species among others. The calculations are based on the growth of native in the Amazon Biome.


The label is used to identify the company has committed to meet for information emissions inventories of greenhouse gases; exercises environmental responsibility and voluntarily opted neutralizing their emissions; sponsored the planting of trees in the area of preservation reforestation with native species of the area.

Planting education and reaping solidarity

The Corporate Social Responsibility of the company is not restricted to external social projects. For Adufértil, the Social Responsibility should start with those that are, without a doubt, the main capital of the company: our employees.

Thinking about that, in partnership with the City of Jundiaí, in 2009 implemented core literacy on company, bringing to involved employees a chance to be better and do better for society. Adufértil believes that this initiative is a step towards a more cohesive society and more humane.

Education Project is Here

The Project aims to improve learning, knowledge and culture of our employees, in a natural and participatory way. It brings many benefits to the employees and the company as a developer who has an incentive works more motivated! This project has the support of SESI for development activities, which are:


  • Culture Box
    It is a box containing 70 to 80 books with varied themes and titles, being works of domestic and foreign literature. The box is available to the company for four months, and then it is replaced by another box with different books.
  • Educational Videos
    Are videos of various topics, which the company discloses its employees, with the aim of increasing their knowledge and clarify any doubts regarding the issues present in our day-to-day, such as drugs, alcohol, heart disease, among others.
  • Courses
    The company uses the bulletin board to relay information and continuing education courses, encouraging employees to expand their professional knowledge.